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Any question about our Kart ? May be the answer is here…

What is the battery life ?

Your child can ride for about 1.5 hours with a 100% charged battery.

How to maintain the battery pack ?

By unplugging it from the Overjump and putting it on charge every two weeks.

Does it have multiple speeds ?

It has 3 speeds : 7, 15, 25 km / h | 4.5, 9, 15.5 Miles / h

Can I buy one as an individual?

The bad news is that the answer is no. The good news is that you can get one from our distributors, a list of which will be available soon. 🙂

How fast can you drive the Overjump ?

The maximum recorded speed is 25 km / h | 15.5 Miles / h.

What type of surface can you ride on ?

The Overjump is perfectly suited for all types of ground. Whether it’s asphalt, dirt or grass, your child can ride almost anywhere except on a road used by cars.

You will soon have access to a list of partner circuits on which your Overjump can ride.

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